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The Student Debt Problem, and How Loan Consolidation Can Help Manage It

March 13, 2012 | posted by College Money Insider.

Rising student loan debt has always been a serious concern in this country, but according to a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York last week, the problem might be more menacing than ever. The report reveals some pretty sobering truths, including:

The total outstanding balance on student loans is $870 billion, which…

President Obama Announces Relief for Student Loan Borrowers

October 31, 2011 | posted by College Money Insider.

As part of a series of efforts to boost the economy, President Obama announced a new plan last week aimed at relieving the debt burden faced by low-income graduates. His program is two-pronged: it will add consolidation options for borrowers with a combination of FFELP and Direct Federal Loans, and it will lower the required…

Crafting A Repayment Plan for Your Student Loans

October 21, 2011 | posted by Jeff Sheely.

It’s a time of great change for the members of the recently-graduated Class of 2011. Whether a few months into a new job or still looking for the right opportunity, everyone is trying to figure out their new life – and just as importantly, how to pay for it.
The first step towards gaining your footing…

Ask the Experts: How Do I Manage Multiple Student Loans?

August 17, 2011 | posted by College Money Insider.

The following question was submitted to our experts through the Ask the Experts form:
“Right now I have about $50k in undergraduate private loans at a 3% interest rate. My monthly payments once I finish grad school next year will be $600/month. These are not flexible and I don’t have any forbearance time left.
I also have around…

Ask the Experts: Private Student Loan Consolidation

June 29, 2011 | posted by Jeff Sheely.

The following question was submitted to our experts through the Ask the Experts form:

“I just graduated from a private university last month.  With each year costing about $52,000, I am leaving college with about $70,000 owed to NelNet and and the Dept. of Education for loans.
What do you suggest would be my next step in paying…