How to Find Scholarships Using Google

March 11, 2011 | posted by College Money Insider.

This is an exciting time of year, as acceptance letters begin to roll in. Many soon-to-be-college students on Tumblr are talking about it already. Some are getting great scholarships.

One common thread is that they still need more money, even after the scholarships. Since there’s still some time between now and August when most colleges start, we suggest looking for outside scholarships. (Outside scholarships are ones that do not come from your college of your choice.)

Below is a neat little trick you can use to find scholarships in Google. We’ve covered it a little bit in our January Scholarships post, but this time we’ve added images for clarity.

3 Steps

  • 1. Determine what your search criteria will be. It should always include the word “scholarship.” But then, you’ll need to add other relevant terms. In the image below, you can see that we’ve added “high school seniors” and “2011.” You could add the word “deadline” and “April” to find scholarships that end in April, or you could add “science” or “writing” to help find scholarships that are relevant to those subjects. You could also add your state to find local scholarships.
  • 2. In Google, enter all of your terms separately and and with quotes.
  • 3. Press Search.




That’s it! Then, all you do is open the links that catch your eye. Not all of the search results are going to be what you’re looking for, but there will be plenty of relevant results for you. Generally, you only need to concern yourself with results from page one and two. Then move on to a new search term. The sooner you start searching, the better!

Facebook is another great place to search. Just use the top search bar to search for your keywords.

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