Students Must Complete the FAFSA for 2011-12 Scholarships

September 12, 2011 | posted by College Money Insider.

Following a recent change in state law, nearly 2,500 University of Florida students risk losing their Bright Futures scholarships because they have failed to complete their FAFSA for the 2011-12 school year:

Students are now required to submit a complete, error-free Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to receive Bright Futures scholarships. UF has been notifying students of the requirement in order to help ensure they secured the scholarships before they received their fall tuition bills.

If the students don’t complete their FAFSA by the deadline, which is as early as this Friday, they risk losing their scholarship money and putting their fall semester in jeopardy. The University of Florida’s Financial Aid Office is working hard to guide students through the process, but worries persist that many students will miss out.

The Bright Futures scholarship is one of many forms of financial aid that now require a completed and accurate FAFSA to be filed by students and their families. Many states and institutions now require the FAFSA as part of the process to receive their grants, scholarships and other forms of aid.

As always, we recommend filling out the FAFSA as soon as possible in order to maximize your financial aid opportunities. To file your FAFSA online free of charge, visit




  • Crystal Olivarria

    nnSomeone from admissions recently told me the states arentrying to streamline the paperwork.u00a0 u00a0u00a0nnn

  • Jeff Sheely

    Hi Crystal,nThat’s true, many states are working to make the forms easier to complete – hopefully they’re able to accomplish that goals soon!nThanks for the comment!