The Student-Parent Connection: Early Admission Revisited

November 15, 2013 | posted by College Money Insider.

The Student-Parent Connection is a monthly feature here on College Money Insider. During the school year, we have a student and parent share their thoughts and experiences as they save up for college and prepare to go through the college application process. Today’s post is by Christina Avery!

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I’m happy to say that Jessie did what she said she was going to…she got 5 of 6 applications in by the early admission deadline of November 1st. (Well, actually she got a couple of extra days because several schools extended their deadlines for a few days due to Hurricane Sandy). Nevertheless, the hard part is over. She has one more school to apply to and that needs to be done by December 1st. I’m hoping she’ll have it done by Thanksgiving.

She did really great throughout this process. She asked her counselor for help when she needed it, ensured that her transcripts were sent, she made sure to remind her teachers that were writing her recommendations that her applications were going to be in by November 1st, and she made sure to nag me to get the SAT and ACT scores sent. She showed a lot of initiative in this process and it took very little nagging from me to get it done!

Just toward the end I had to bug her a bit about one application in particular. The optional personal statement was kind of a tricky one – pick one word to describe yourself, then take 250 more words to tell them why you chose that word. She ended up with a good statement, but I understand her procrastination on that one – that’s tough!

I am very proud to see that she did so much of this herself…I was really just the pocketbook in this situation, for the most part. Speaking of that, applying to schools is not cheap! The least expensive application was $40, the most expensive was $60, then there is the cost of sending the SAT and ACT scores to all of these schools! It can really add up.  It’s definitely something to think about as the process gets going.

So now, once that last app is in, we can just sit back, enjoy the holidays and wait for the letters from the schools. According to the various schools’ websites, she’ll be getting decisions starting in late December through mid-February. Until then we have a bit of a lull in this process. I know in January my husband and I will have to get going on the FAFSA application – but I can think about that next year!