who is overture technologies?

Founded in 2000, Overture Technologies is the leading provider of solutions that help students and their families save money by making better financial decisions. Using cutting-edge technology, Overture helps students create comprehensive plans for financing their education as well as source competitive rates on private student loans through a marketplace of national lenders, credit unions and other not-for-profit organizations.

  • Overture Technologies is the company that operates this loan information web site.
  • This site is intended as a facility for you to learn about loans from lenders that participate in this system before you apply for any loan with the lender.
  • We are not a loan broker.  We enable lenders to show you loan information.
  • For a more complete description of how the Overture Marketplace works, please click here.
  • In a nutshell, lenders keep information in our system about their loans (rates, fees, etc.) and the qualifications required for customers (school status, credit score, debt, etc.).  The system automatically matches your submission with loans that might be available to you, and we show you loan information on those loans.
  • Your submission on Overture is not an application, and the results we show are not approvals or pre-approvals. To obtain a loan offer, you must submit an application with a lender.
  • We are paid by lenders if, and only if, you opt to obtain a loan from a lender that presents information here.
  • You can reach us at support@overturemarketplace.com.


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